December 7, 2009

Nearing Completion, Well Not Really

So here's my udpated character WIP, which in a perfect world would already be animated and this project would be over. But no, I'm extremely behind schedule and this project may not even get completed this semester. Hooray for the "I" that will most likely soon be blemishing my report card.

Anyway, here's some updated stills and a super-fast rigging test video. There's a lot I could improve on the rig, but most likely I will only finish making morph targets and fix the obvious pinching areas.

All comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated.

November 7, 2009

I'm Back! With A Vengence!

So yeah, seeing as my last post was in April, it may have seemed like I abandoned this blog. Well yes, I did. But now I'm back and I'm going to skip talking about all the boring stuff I did over the summer like going to Europe and spending all my money, haha.

Down to business, here's a recap in pictures of a majority of what I'm working on this (hopefully my last) semester:

First, my first character for my short is basically finalized and ready for UV unwrapping. She is a young girl (6-8 years old or so), and I'm trying to go for the cute factor with the ridiculously large eyes and such. Although I realize she does need some asymmetry (at least in the hair), I'm fairly pleased with how she turned out overall.

Second, I'm in a group developing a promotional video for a shipping container that will be developed into a two person dorm room on campus. The project is focusing on being as green as possible. Currently we're nearing the end of the modeling phase, but for now all I'm willing to show is this early exterior render.

Thanks for reading, I'm going to post plenty of updates on these projects in the coming month so stay tuned if you like what you see. Any feedback would be appreciated as always.

April 9, 2009

Side Project

So Zeb sent out an email a few days ago about the SDO logo contest, and I thought, "Hmm...I haven't done a logo in a long time, ah heck why not."

Low and behold their tagline this year is "The new wave of design," and since I had previously made a Siggraph logo with a surpher I was tempted to alter said design and call it a day. However, I decided to go in a little different direction and actually did sketches and all that jazz. Long story short, after a few hours of work split up over a couple days, here's what I'm submitting:
I'm fairly pleased with it, and yes, blue and orange is probably my favorite color scheme.

Now to wait and hope for cash prizes and recognition. Haha

February 19, 2009

Freak out time

Yeah, so I have an early test, a mock interview, and a portfolio review all tomorrow (or, uh today apparently, gotta start getting to sleep earlier).

Freaking out a little bit here, mainly about the test. Oh and I have to hope that I can check out the camera I need for my video project so that I can get my shots done this weekend. Woo!

Time for sleep...hopefully tomorrow comes and goes successfully, like the many freak out days that have come before it.

February 16, 2009

Spawn Complete

Yeah, here it is. Now time to move on to rigging(ugh) and storyline development.

February 14, 2009

Model Progress - Texturing In Progress

So Spawn is coming along pretty well so far. It has actually been easier than I expected it to be, but a lot of hours were still put into modeling, and I foresee possible complications when it comes to rigging and animating this guy. I still need to model his gun, but it's almost all cylinders and face bevels so that shouldn't be too hard. Anyway, here's the model so far:

The light gray pattern on his face/body still needs some fixing, and I plan to add some shadows in the texture in his gloves. Also, I haven't messed with any other maps other than diffuse color.

I'll upload a 360 view once I finish the texturing.

January 25, 2009

Student Exhibition Contest Sumbission

Here's my losing contest entry to the Siggraph IUPUI 2009 Student Exhibition Contest. I'm fairly pleased with the final product, but it could have used a little more refining. The other two finalists, Marcelo and Zeb, both sumbitted excellent pieces, and eventually Marcelo's flash animation won. It was disappointing but not unexpected, and now life moves on to the rediculous semester I have ahead.