January 25, 2009

Student Exhibition Contest Sumbission

Here's my losing contest entry to the Siggraph IUPUI 2009 Student Exhibition Contest. I'm fairly pleased with the final product, but it could have used a little more refining. The other two finalists, Marcelo and Zeb, both sumbitted excellent pieces, and eventually Marcelo's flash animation won. It was disappointing but not unexpected, and now life moves on to the rediculous semester I have ahead.

Toy Commercial Project Part 1

These are the orthos for my CGT 442 project. The project is to create a 30 sec commercial using a toy as the main character. My plan is to stick this commando into a girl's toy commercial, with the toy being very confused about what's going on. The main objective will be humor. The biggest challenges will be modeling the character and (if I choose to attempt it) rotoscoping the model into video. This will hopefully be a fun project once I can get over the modeling/rigging hump.

January 23, 2009

New Blog, By Poplular Demand

I was told to "get one," and so I have. A blog that is.
I'll try to post sketches, screen caps, and test renders of school and personal projects on here as much as possible. There will also probably be random funny videos and the like. Hope you enjoy.